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Mental illness, advanced age, or a sudden illness could leave a loved one no longer able to manage their finances and care. If your loved one does not have a valid durable power of attorney and medical directive, a substitute decision-maker is needed to address their individual needs.

The highly qualified elder law attorneys at Faloni Law Group, LLC have the knowledge and experience needed to appoint an adult guardian, prepare a formal or informal accounting, obtain a bond, and provide Medicaid planning advice. Most cases are urgent, and our firm has the staff and experience to handle your emergent Medicaid application. We understand how stressful it can be not to access financial accounts and manage a loved one’s affairs. Our elder law attorneys work directly with our clients, the incapacitated person’s physicians, and Court personnel to quickly appoint a permanent guardian. In some cases, a temporary guardian can also be set to handle immediate issues.


We will discuss the need for guardianship during your initial free consultation with an experienced guardianship attorney. Some guardianship discussion topics include guardian selection, the appointment process, Medicaid planning, and the guardian’s responsibilities.

Once retained, our firm immediately begins working on the guardianship process. Several attorneys are available to attend Court as soon as possible and answer all of your questions. Our experience in elder law allows us to work efficiently and quickly, which keeps our fees low.